This is my little corner of the web to write about fast cars, engine repair, and anything else I find interesting as it relates to auto mechanics. I’ve been a car enthusiast as long as I can remember and I started taking apart things before I could walk.

Throughout the years, I’ve had a lot of personal experience working as a mechanic for several independent shops with a brief stay at a dealership service department. Today I’m ‘retired’ or at least it seems that way. I work from my home with customers I’ve known for years keeping me busy most days, but I’ve found that I have a lot of spare time to write. This is my outlet to talk shop now that I work from home.


Check out a few of my latest articles on everything from hot-rods to dealing with hothead customers.

2011 Ford F-150 – Same Face, Better Power

Have you ever thought "If I could only change one thing, I'd..."? If so, you're not alone - Ford's been thinking this way about it's vehicles for a while. Most car makers, including Ford, update their cars and trucks on a roughly six year cycle, with a "refresh" about...

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Car Reviews: 2006 Audi A6

It seems as though a car cannot simply be one thing. Indeed, an SUV cannot simply be an SUV, it must be a "crossover sport vehicle". Or, perhaps a luxury car must be a "sports oriented affordably priced luxury car". However, in the quest to be so many different...

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2008 FJ Cruiser – Great Vehicle For On or Off Road Driving

    For those considering buying a mud truck, don't forget to check out the 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Great for adventures off road, just for cruising around town, or running to the store. The 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser seats five and comes in two-tone with a Voodoo Blue,...

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My Obsession with Classic Cars

I try to spend a lot of my time restoring old cars now. I just love the classic looks, and I have a bit of a reputation locally for doing quality work like this. There’s so much creativity that goes into restoration work that I find it’s a much-needed break from working on newer cars to pay the bills.