First-Time Car-Buying Guide

Getting your first car is a moment of pride!

It gives you the best feeling in the world. But, if you fail to make a perfect choice, you may not get the complete satisfaction you’re hoping for…



If you make a huge investment in your car without doing any homework, you may end up getting an unworthy one…



So, before purchasing your first car, make sure that you have double-checked the list of first-time car buying guides below:


Choose your model 

 The basic thing that you must keep in mind before your first car purchase is the model you want to have. If you think to choose a car instantly from the physical store or even from online, it can be your greatest mistake. Thus, make sure to choose your desired model in the first place by doing some research online.

How to choose it?

Check its efficiency: If you are having trouble choosing the best model for you to start driving, monitoring its EPA listed fuel efficiency is a great first step. If the car is fuel-efficient enough for your needs, go for it as it can reduce the fuel expense over time when you’re probably just starting to make enough money to afford a vehicle.

The next thing that you need to check into is its sustained cost of maintenance. If the car parts are durable enough according to online info and it comes with a considerable warranty period, choose it.

Find out its reviews and ratings 

Most of the time, automotive brands fail to keep the claim it holds about a certain car in their lineup. Manufacturers fall from grace often and have problems with particular lines that you need to be aware of. Thus, carefully find out the honest public reviews and ratings on any car you’re considering. If your dream car meets up to the expectation level of savvy online reviewers, your investment won’t be in vain.

Decide the payment method 

The very next thing to decide is whether you opt to pay in full cash or you want to seek the help of car financing. If you can bear the entire expense of the car, then it is okay to pay the whole amount in cash. This helps you avoid interest, but also takes away from your emergency fund. So, do not pressure yourself to pay cash as there are other means of paying over time. 

How to get the pre approval for a car loan

For getting an easy car finance loan, make sure to get pre approval from the lender. With modern facilities, you can get pre approval done before you visit the dealer over the phone or even online. Under certain circumstances, if you qualify for the loan, the lender will share a certificate or check in terms of pre approval. But, do not stick by a single lender! Check out 2 or more for the best deal. 

Inspect the car 

Most people tend to indulge in the wrong decision of bringing home a new car without inspecting it. Inspecting the car by a trust-worthy technician is the most crucial thing to undertake if you’re buying pre-owned. If in any case, the car owner halts you from doing that, do not go for that one. 

Bargaining and negotiating for the right price 

Bargaining the cost of the car can help you to get the vehicle at a fair price. First, determine the overall price of the vehicle and judge it by its performance. Then make your proposal to the dealership. They may counter-offer or delay, but patience and persistence usually pays off.

Keeping these tips in mind, when you are done picking your model, read the agreement paper cautiously. After that, close the deal by signing on it. Best wishes in your car-buying adventure!